Five Ways To Know If You Are Being Sexually Harassed At Work


Sexual harassment can occur in a number of different forms. Here are five basic ways that sexual harassment could take place at work.


1. Sexually Propositioned – Asked out on a date by your boss or coworker.

2. Sexually Pressured – Threatened with loss of job for refusing to go along with sexual advances.

3. Subjected to Sexually Explicit Texts, Photos, Videos, or Language – Received sexual photos from boss or coworker.

4. Inappropriately Touched – A supervisor or coworker places his or her hands on you in way that makes you uncomfortable.

5. Sexually Assaulted – Physically attacked in a sexual manner.

If you believe you have experienced one of the following forms of sexual harassment in your workplace, call New York City Sexual Harassment Attorney, James J. Corbett, now (646) 598-9262

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